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Pacific Brainspotting Trainings with Lisa Larson


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Brain Building Bootcamp: John Pierre

Meditation: Noula Diamantopoulos

Soulful Samba Therapy Session: Salene Souza

Specialty Trainings Group

Brain Study Group AND Brain Science to Inform Your Brainspotting Practice/AKA Animal Brain Gone Wild!

Deb Antinori, MA, LPC, NCC, RDT, FT (United States)


Brainspotting-Couples Coregulating

Cherie Lindberg, LPC, NCC (United States)


Brainspotting and Addictions AND The Hero’s Journey

Roby Abeles, PsyD (Australia)


Brainspotting & Parts Work AND Limbic-Countertransference: Enhancing Attunement

Cynthia Schwartzberg, LCSE (United States) and

Cherie Lindberg, LPC, NCC (United States)


Brainspotting with Children and Adolescents

Mag. Monika Baumann (Austria)

Co-created with Dr. Martha Jacobi (United States)


Critical Thinking in Brainspotting Theory, Practice, & Research
The Rev. Martha S. Jacobi, PhD, LCSW-R (United States)
Brainspotting Happens!


Connecting the Rainbow: Brainspotting to Heal Perinatal Trauma

Jana Glass, LPC, PMH-C, MAC, BC-TMH (United States)

Dissociation and Brainspotting: The Setting of the Frame in Dissociation According to Pierre Janet

Bernard Mayer (France) and

Françoise Pasqualin Dis (France)

Expansion Brainspotting Training

Lisa Larson, LMFT (United States)
August 27-29 Class:

Revolutionize Your Intake & Treatment Plan Process
Lisa Larson, LMFT (United States)

July 16 & 17 Class:

From Freeze to Thaw: Unlocking Trauma in the Body with Brainspotting

Serene Calkins, P.T. (United States) and

Mary Jane O’Rourke, LCSW, LMT (United States)
September 17-19th and November 12-14th


Going for the Roots: Developmental Trauma Focused Brainspotting

Steve Sawyer, LCSW, CSAC (United States)


Holographic Brainspotting: Explore the Scientific Mysteries Behind Brainspotting's Efficacy and Expand your Consciousness

Christine Ranck, PhD, LCSW (United States)


ImageSpotting AND Self-Spotting: Focused Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Cynthia Schwartzberg, LCSE (United States)


Brainspotting: Intersectionality & Social Justice 

Tracy Gantlin-Monroy, MDiv, LPC, (United States)


Specialty Phase 1 Brainspotting Training for Clergy, Spiritual/Religious/Contemplative Caregivers and Clinicians
The Rev. Martha S. Jacobi, PhD, LCSW-R (United States)
Brainspotting Happens!


Utilizing Ego State Therapy to Enhance BSP Outcomes; Embroidering with Multidimensional Thread AND Working Inside and Outside the Brainspotting Window of Tolerance

Susan Pinco, PhD, LCSW-R, CCR (United States)



Brainspotting: Attachment, Meaning Making, Co-Regulation & Integration of the SelfGlenda Villamarin (Ecuador)

Coming May 2022


Brainspotting and Consciousness: Exploring the "Impossible"

Christine Ranck, PhD, LCSW (United States)

Coming February 2022


Brainspotting and Psychodrama

Glenda Villamarin, LPC (Ecuador)

Coming March 2022  


Brainspotting and Theraplay

Glenda Villamarin, LPC (Ecuador)

English - Coming October 2021


Brainspotting with Children, Adolescents and Adult Child Parts - Advanced Training

Mag. Monika Baumann (Austria)   

Coming Jan 8-9, 2022


Brainspotting: Neurodevelopment and Trauma

Mag. Monika Baumann (Austria) 

Coming April 2022


From Freeze to Thaw: The Next Level

Serene Calkins, P.T. (United States) and

Mary Jane O’Rourke, LCSW, LMT (United States) -

Coming February 2022


Group Brainspotting, "BSP-MINK’AY"

Glenda Villamarin, LPC (Ecuador)

Spanish – Coming September 2021

English/German – Coming January 2022  


“The Art and Science of Healing: Resolving Chronic Physical and Emotional Pain and Trauma”

Serene Calkins, P.T. (United States)

Book Publication – 2023 -


“The Curious Voyage A Rule-breaking Guidebook to Authenticity”

Cynthia Schwartzberg, LCSW (United States)

Book Publication - July 2021


“The Principles of Brainspotting: A Compass for Everyday Life”

Pie Frey, Psy.D. (United States) and

Serene Calkins, P.T. (United States)

Book Publication - 2023


Using Brainspotting with OCD Clients

Pie Frey, Psy.D. (United States)

Coming 2022



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